What is the development potential of blockchain in the e-sports industry?

With the development of financial technology, the changes have gone beyond the financial services industry with its impact having accelerated the development of Internet of Things (IoT). Among them, the impact of blockchain technology can be said to be modern, bringing disruptions to various industries. The development of the blockchain has been named by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland as one of the potential technologies to drive the “fourth industrial revolution.” In the face of the rapid development of the blockchain and international trends, policy orientation has brought opportunities for the blockchain, and it has been applied in a wide range of scenarios, including the e-sports industry.

Jplay – The first decentralized e-sportsplatform in the world

Jplay For the first dynamometers this year,Public publication of ExternalHeWe are about to launch a centric video game through the core technology of blockchain. Players around the world will be able to share and build the play electric ecosystem together. And in Blockchain dispersion, fast transaction validation, high transparency and user authorization under the characteristics of each user will be able to enjoy the purest Electric bidding Experience, and freely engage in any video game related applications and creations to achieve a central gameplay experience.

JPlay was first publicly announced in September this year, and they are about to launch an e-sports game centered on the core technology of blockchain. Players around the world will soon be able to share and build a play e-sports ecosystem. With the feature of blockchain dispersion, fast transaction verification, high transparency and user authorization, each user will be able to enjoy the purest e-sports experience and freely perform any game-related applications and creations to achieve decentralization. Play experience.

In the end how blockchain affects the electric competition industry?

Blockchain anti-traditional characteristics, so that the electric competition industry has a transformative development. These widely used traits, driven in some ways, may further drive the electricity industry:

Transparent and open cash flow

Past gamers can only sell limited treasures or tickets through the sale of events Bring, but then put the revenue into the bonus pool. But in the absence of transparency,Under the operating model, players can only fully believe the data published by the manufacturer. and Blockchain through smart contracts, whether they receive bonuses from players or sponsors、Tickets、Sponsorship payments and other income, these cash flows can be clearly demonstrated, but also unable to delay payments, all cash flow needs to be carried out in real time. The high transparency of blockchain smart contracts can further improve the existing mode of operation of the electric competition industry.

Fake Bao Trading

Through the blockchain to send virtual treasure on the platform to compete to win the players, virtual treasure can be replaced through the blockchain system into real currency. Firstblood is A good example, when the virtual treasure and cash hanging relationship, will be able to attract more playHome. Terrible Over theb lockchain to send the virtual Treasure Reward platform to participate in the winning players, virtual treasure can be again through the fun coin (JPT)Switch to French currency, let the virtual treasure and real assets hang up the relationship. and Fans are able to play with the coin when the electric campaign opens a live game (JPT)Sponsor support for your favorite electric campaigner or team, through smart contracts to set a reasonable splitting to the team or broker, anti-traditional changes will certainly attract the vast number of fans in the world of electric competition. For the characteristics of blockchain so that these past only familiar with the insider to know the information, cash flow to become clear and transparent, the electric competition industry chain of every stakeholder will have the opportunity to obtain a fair profit distribution,and in the incentive mechanism to drive attention, will provide greater development potential to the electric competition industry.