2019-04-15 Decoin Hong Kong Meetup

On Monday, April15th, Decoin and 8Blocknews successfully co-organised <Decoin Hong KongMeetup> in Admiralty, Hong Kong. In the meetup, Decoin announced their keyproject development and the D-Bot features demonstration. Also, Decoin exchangewill be officially launched on April 30th, 2019. Decoin with its own developedD-bot arbitrage bot, will allow investors to have a stable return on their investments.There is zero commission to trade on Decoin and it has a shared revenue scheme.

Mr. Shay Perry, Founder and CEO of Decoin, Ms. LilyNoriko, CCO of Decoin, Mr. Rex Wong, Chairman of the Hong Kong BlockchainIndustry Association and Executive Director of Blockchain Investment Fund, andMr. Mass Wong, Founding President of the Guangdong HongKong Macau Bay AreaBusiness Association of ASEAN attended and gave their sharing during the event.Leading professionals from the blockchain, technology, finance and otherindustries, and various business chambers.

Decoin CEO and Founder, Mr. Shay Perry, a serialentrepreneur, has created four successful start-up companies. This time heintroduced his fifth start-up project, Decoin. Decoin COO, Ms. Lily Noriko alsointroduced how Decoin exchange works and its advantages.

Decoin is an innovative digital assets tradingplatform and cryptocurrency investment tool. Decoin is developing its own,Arbitrage Bot, the D-bot, built by Decoin’s team of experts that connects (viaAPI) and continuously monitors different crypto exchanges looking for variousindicators to recognise trends and automatically execute trades. Advantages ofthe D-bot include: zero commission, shared revenue, and three level of tradingrisk. Decoin will initially be listed on the Decoin Trading & ExchangePlatform. As the number of Decoin holders increases, Decoins will register andbe listed on additional digital asset exchanges.